Licensure questions? Haley Gipe, Assoc. AIA, helps answer them!

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Haley Gipe, Assoc. AIA, the State IDP Coordinator for nearly two years, is making an impact on young architects throughout the state. She was appointed to this position in 2009 and finishes her term the end of this year.

In the complex world of becoming licensed, much of the information can be confusing and frustrating. Haley works with local AIA chapters in California, to coordinate and conduct workshops for chapter members regarding the important steps needed for licensure. Since the workshop content is a bit dry, she tries to make it entertaining. She not only covers National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) issues, but goes through all licensing issues with the California Architects Board (CAB) requirements as well. She recently completed two workshops in San Francisco, and as always, members were very grateful for the information shared. She stated, “Workshop attendees are very welcoming of the information, as much of the content is confusing. They know they have to take an exam, but some feel lost and isolated, especially in smaller firms. Many attendees are very frustrated when they arrive and feel much better after the workshop. Some even think I work for NCARB.” When asked what one of the biggest misperceptions are for those seeking to become licensed, she states, “People assume NCARB and CAB talk more to one another, which is not the case. If you have called CAB, they don’t call NCARB, or likewise. Individuals think if they have an NCARB record they automatically have a CAB record as well. That’s not so.”

Unfortunately, there is not one place to go for all the information, so Haley directs them to NCARB ‘s website and the CAB website to help AIACC members get the most up to date information. These sites have good information that she pulls from and compiles for her workshops.

Other resources include:
IDP Handbook by McGraw-Hill
The Path to Licensure Handbook by the AIACC and Kaplan AEC Education
IDP Guidelines from NCARB
ARE Exam Handbook

Hayley enjoys the feedback she receives, as it helps compile the information for future workshops. (Each workshop lasts about an hour.)She and other associates are working with CAB to develop a “Check List” for potential licensees and are hopeful to have it completed by the end of 2011. Haley encourages those seeking licensure and states, “There is a network of people throughout the state, including emerging professionals and IDP Coordinators (for the North and South) that are great touch points for licensure. Whatever you are, a student in architecture school, or someone halfway through exams, there is a network to reach out to.”


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