Collaborative Project Delivery Enables Projects to Achieve Sustainability Goals

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Architects are continuously challenged to meet aggressive goals for energy and carbon reduction in the design process, and there are many reasons to believe these are best achieved through a collaborative process.
The AIA’s experience with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ (ASHRAE’s) Advanced Energy Design Guides suggest that although some reductions are prescriptively achievable (i.e., through the use of a checklist), however, as one exceeds a 30% reduction and moves toward even greater reductions, complex interactions of systems and context must be taken into account. Integrated processes are being acknowledged and encouraged in sustainable ratings systems such as LEED®. New energy codes, such as CALGreen, include recommendations regarding integrated processes.

The integrated delivery process allows for early and open sharing of project knowledge, streamlining of project communications and allows owners to take a more active role in the process, effectively balancing project options to meet their business enterprise goals. Constructors contribute their expertise in construction techniques early in the design process resulting in improved project quality and financial performance during the construction phase. Architects also benefit from the constructor’s participation during the design phase. The opportunity for strong pre-construction planning, more timely and informed understanding of the design, anticipating and resolving design-related issues, visualizing construction sequencing prior to construction start, and improving cost control and budget management, all increase the likelihood that project goals, including schedule, life cycle costs, quality and sustainability, will be achieved.

The AIACC is monitoring the industry and seeking examples of integrated projects, achieving or surpassing sustainability goals. Do you have a project to contribute?
Some sections of this article were excerpted from IPD: A Guide, published by The American Institute of Architects and The American Institute of Architects, California Council, 2009



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