MDC: Five Reasons You Must Attend

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Times are tight for those in the design and construction industry. I know many are struggling to make business decisions. If you haven’t decided whether you can afford to attend or afford to take time away from the office…consider this – The Monterey Design Conference is THE opportunity to engage with your profession, be inspired, and remember all the reasons you got involved in architecture in the first place. If that isn’t enough…here are five more to consider that Robert Ivy, FAIA, the new Executive Vice President/CEO of the AIA and past moderator, emcee, and friend of the Monterey Design Conference recently reminded me of.

  1. Stimulating invited guests – Discussions throughout the weekend with the country’s and the world’s leading architects and design thinkers transcend the event. The conference faculty have formed a virtual who’s who in the world of design….and this is a tremendous opportunity to engage with them in a casual atmosphere.
  2. Emerging talent – Each year California architects choose the best and representatives from the brightest young firms to make brief presentations throughout the course of the event. The roster of past recipients have gone on to become accomplished and recognized not only in California, but far beyond.
  3. Wisdom of Elders – California regularly invites one or more architects who have contributed to the heritage of the design profession to make a presentation on his or her work. These sessions with “Tribal Elders” form a unique highlight in the proceedings.
  4. Movies – A film focused on some aspect of design culture, sometimes accompanied by the maker, or the subject, or collateral entertainment (as in music), provides an additional dimension to festivities.
  5. Fellowship – Asilomar’s unique position-adjacent to the Pacific in a grove of trees, where wood smoke mingles with the salt spray-invites casual conversation, relaxation, and stimulation in a natural setting that encourages friendship and expansive thought. Shared meals and ample social gatherings encourage conversation on the ideas presented to the group.

Click here for detailed information about 2011 MDC speakers, including videos and blogs.

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Lawrence Scarpa

Lawrence Scarpa, FAIA, is known for his creative use of conventional materials in unique and unexpected ways. Ongoing research in materials and technologies as well as constant reexamination of known conditions, accepted norms, and established methods has led him to innovative solutions and stimulating new ways of approaching design. He is also considered a pioneer and leader in the field of sustainable design. His buildings facilitate best practices in the field but are particularly powerful because he meshes such components throughout design elements, not as individual criteria but part of a holistic structure.

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    Lawrence Scarpa

    you are not the only one. It was a mistake that was made that when discovered was too late to change. in fact, some of our organizing committee members, who were involved in the planning will not be able to attend for the same reason. It was a freak situation that nobody caught until it was too late. The AIACC is well aware of it and I am certain they will not make this mistake again.

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    Mark Hummel, AIA, LEED AP

    Larry, As I’ve emailed previously, the MDC is one of my favorite events and the conflict with Yom Kippur is unfortunate.This has occurred before, and should be avoided in the future.
    Regrets, Mark

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