The 9/11 Memorial and Its Precedents

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Peter Walker, 9/11 Memorial, Monterey Design Conference

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Peter Walker, 9/11 Memorial, Monterey Design Conference
In this 60-minute video, filmed live as part of the AIA California Council’s 2011 Monterey Design Conference, Peter Walker, FASLA, reviews his work on the landscape architecture of one of the most significant new projects in the United States: the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. Walker puts the Memorial’s design in the context of his firm’s previous work on several notable projects. He examines the special techniques he has helped to develop in order to implement his vision, as well as the art and design that helped inspire the vision itself. Finally, he provides a detailed account of how the Memorial came to exist in its current form: what challenges were overcome, what concepts changed, and how he helped to create a unique landmark that not only remembers a tragedy, but also helps a city and a nation come to terms with it.

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