Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many continuing education units do I need to fulfill the license renewal requirement?
5 units/hours (1 hour of coursework = 1 unit earned)

What’s my deadline to take these courses?
Every two years, in conjunction with licensure renewal, Architects are required to complete the mandatory continuing education requirement. These are required to be completed by the last day of their birth month. For more information about licensing requirements visit the California Architects Board.

Register for an account.

  1. Visit
  2. Register for a free account
  3. Click the “Continuing Ed” tab
  4. Select the accessibility courses you are interested in
  5. Watch the course at your convenience and take a 10 question quiz to receive a certificate of completion.

Which courses fulfill the license renewal requirements?
You may combine the following courses in order to fulfill the 5 required hours of continuing education:

Accessibility in the Public Realm—Spend a Day in my Wheelchair (1.0 hrs)
Observations from an Accessibility Inspector (1.5 hrs)
Universal Design in Single-Family Homes (1.0 hrs)
Universal Design in Multi-Family Homes (1.5 hrs)

Designing for All-Integrated Universal Design (1.5 hrs)
Architecture Beyond Sight (1.5 hrs)
Universal Design is Good Design—Part One (1 hr)
Universal Design is Good Design – Part Two (1 hr)

Accessibility: Path of Travel (1.5 hrs)
Accessibility: Public Buildings (1.5 hrs)
Accessibility: Existing Buildings (1 hr)
Accessibility: Multi-Family Dwellings (1 hr)

How does the California Architects Board know I fulfilled my disability access requirements?
When you sign your California Architect Renewal Application you are certifying that you have completed five hours of coursework in disability access requirements. The California Architects Board will randomly audit architects to verify compliance. You should keep your certificates of completion for these courses for at least two years in case you are audited by the California Architects Board.

Do these courses also fulfill my AIA/CES requirements?
Yes. Every business day, the AIACC, through its partner aecKnowledge, submits to AIA/CES all AIA members who completed courses. AIA/CES then updates your transcripts.



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