The 99%, a Great Debate, and Tiny Houses

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Residential Architecture

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Residential Architecture

The 9th annual Reinvention Symposium convenes in Chicago October 17-19, 2012, around the theme, “OCCUPY EVERY STREET: Tapping the power and potential of everyday architecture.”

Meanwhile, on the first day of the symposium, the Congress of Residential Architecture (CORA) will be holding its annual meeting and convening The Great Debate, declaring, “As Reinvention ‘Occupies Every Street’ and brainstorms about how architects may reach and serve more than the privileged few, CORA Occupies Reinvention with a classic Oxford-style debate.” Ponder and respond to CORA’s provocative Questions That Haven’t Been Asked about the role of architects in residential design and construction.

Elsewhere, CORA founder Duo Dickinson, AIA, co-hosts a radio show about the idea of home with psychotherapist Binnie Klein on WPKN-FM Bridgeport. HomeWork debuted in December 2011. In its third episode, “Let’s Get Small,” aired 29 March 2012, Dickinson and Klein explore the Tiny House Movement and wait patiently to interview Lloyd Kahn, Editor-in-Chief of California’s Shelter Publications.

Residential Architecture

HomeWork hosts Duo Dickinson, AIA, and Binnie Klein


Tim Culvahouse, FAIA

Tim Culvahouse, FAIA, is Editor-in-Chief of the AIA California Council and an architect specializing in the public communication of design ideas through his firm, Culvahouse Consulting.

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