Pierre Koenig, FAIA

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Schwartz House, Pierre Koenig, FAIA, 1996 Maybeck

Photo © Julius Shulman

Case Study House 22, Pierre Koenig, FAIA, 1996 Maybeck Award

Photo © Julius Shulman

Pierre Koenig, FAIA, 1996 Maybeck Award

Photo © Pierre Koenig

1996 Maybeck Award
Pierre Koenig, FAIA

Koenig began his practice in Southern California in the 1950s and soon gained widespread acclaim for two classic houses that Arts & Architecture included in its Case Study House program, which showcased modernist architecture. “The idea was to be able to provide better housing for the common man at a better price,” Koenig explained in a 1993 interview with Progressive Architecture.

Koenig’s Case Study House 22, his best-known work, was a technical and artistic coup, a thoroughly modern glass and steel home balanced on a hilltop outcropping. Famously photographed by Julius Shulman, Koenig’s work became a symbol of modernism and of 1960s Los Angeles style. Koenig went on to build a small but influential portfolio of residential work, most of it in California. He remained committed throughout his career to the social, environmental, and aesthetic values of modernism that his Case Study Houses embodied.



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