Ray Kappe, FAIA

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Kappe Residence, Ray Kappe, FAIA, 1995 Maybeck Award

Photo © Julius Shulman

Eric Lowens House, Ray Kappe, FAIA, 1995 Maybeck Award

Photo © David Lena

Ray Kappe, FAIA, 1995 Maybeck Award

Photo © Ray Kappe, FAIA

1995 Maybeck Award
Ray Kappe, FAIA

Since the beginnings of his career in the 1950s, Kappe has experimented with new ways to integrate the natural and built environments; his own Pacific Palisades home, completed in 1968, still stands out as an icon of Southern California style. The house’s traditional Asian architectural elements, attention to natural light, and rational modern aesthetic are elements seen throughout Kappe’s residential and commercial work.

Kappe has also had a major influence on architectural education in California. He co-founded the Department of Architecture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and then, in 1972, formed the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Seventeen years after receiving the Maybeck Award, Kappe continues to practice and innovate. His pragmatic approach has renewed relevance in today’s economy, and he recently designed a series of sustainable prefabricated houses for LivingHomes.



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