Frank Gehry, FAIA

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Frank Gehry FAIA, 1997 Maybeck Award, Walt Disney Concert Hall

Photo © John O’Neill

Frank Gehry FAIA, 1997 Maybeck Award, Venice Beach House

Photo © Ilpo Sojourn

Frank Gehry FAIA, 1997 Maybeck Award,

Photo © Frank Gehry

1997 Maybeck Award
Frank Gehry, FAIA

Los Angeles architect Gehry belongs to the postmodern deconstructivist school of architecture, known for his unpredictable, challenging artistic structures. Developing new design technologies to make his buildings possible, he has become one of contemporary architecture’s most important figures.

California is home to numerous notable Gehry buildings. His own offbeat Santa Monica residence, completed in 1971, was the project that initially brought attention to his work. It received the 2012 AIA National Twenty-five Year Award, “recognizing architectural design of enduring significance.” More recent significant projects in Los Angeles include the whimsical “Binoculars Building” and the sweeping metal curves of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. He has also designed extensively outside the realm of architecture, creating sculpture, furniture, housewares and even jewelry. Now in his 80s and still leading Gehry Partners, LLP, Gehry is a powerful voice for the value of design, particularly “iconic” architecture and its role in society.



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