Joseph Esherick, FAIA

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Joseph Esherick FAIA, 1992 Maybeck Award, Sea Ranch Homes

Photo © EHDD

Joseph Esherick, FAIA, 1992 Maybeck Award, Wurster Hall UC Berkeley

Photo © Ronald Partridge

Joseph Esherick, FAIA, 1992 Maybeck Award

Photo © Mark Darley / ESTO

1992 Maybeck Award
Joseph Esherick, FAIA

Esherick earned notice in the 1950s and 60s for his residential architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sonoma County, especially in the Sea Ranch community. He designed with the clean, slanting lines and redwood shingles of the Bay Tradition, a distinctly Californian style that Maybeck himself had pioneered.

Although his buildings represented that tradition, Esherick never had—or wanted—a “signature style.” He saw every site as a problem requiring a unique solution; this led to a diverse body of work, every building a creative response to the environment around it and to the needs the building would satisfy. Esherick brought this design sensibility to Esherick, Homsey, Dodge & Davis, the San Francisco firm he led for over twenty years. His most iconic work with EHDD included the repurposing of the historic Cannery building, which in 1968 marked an early example of adaptive reuse.



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