How to Invest in Technology for the Future

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One of the great advantages of being part of the AIA is the network with other professionals. Whether it is packaged as “best practices” or informal conversations, these connections, these opportunities to learn from others and find out what others are thinking is consistently one of the most widely recognized benefits of the AIA. The NOW – NEXT – FUTURE Conference is such an opportunity.

If you are like me, you reach out to the AIA network and colleagues for a variety of things. Short on time and short on money, we small-firm practioners are always looking for resources to help us make decisions that will both impact the bottom line today and position us for the future. While we know we need to invest in the future, there are so many options out there in design, presentation and production programs—not to mention social media, which seems to be blowing up everywhere—you wonder where to start, which ideas and programs have proven value to small firms, which ones will be easiest to implement, and which will provide the greatest return.

This conference is the place to get started
. The first evening‘s BootCamp (November 2) will get you up to speed with the values and mechanics of Linked-In, Facebook, and Twitter. You will be walked through setting up accounts if you don’t have them and be prepared for using them as communication tools the following day. The next day’s conference program (November 3) will give you ideas, tools, and exposure to what is hot now, what is coming next, and what might be in our future.

As a small firm, you can level the playing field, leverage your resources, expand your reach, improve your profit, and build your firms’ profile. You can do all this with the AIACC’s NOW – NEXT – FUTURE Conference – leveraging technology to enable design.

Join me and register today.


Bruce Monighan

For 40 years, Bruce has been participating in the practice of architecture in a mixture of project types that not only cross state borders, but has ventured into Europe, Asia and Latin America as well.

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