MDC Bike Winner #1

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It’s spring. Time to celebrate the sunnier days and the longer brighter evenings with bike rides. Something Bruce Cousins, AIA, can appreciate as his commute to and from work is often on a bicycle won from the California Architectural Foundation (CAF) raffle at the Monterey Design Conference.

Two bikes, donated from Public Bikes, were raffled at last year’s conference. Because Cousins won the women’s model, he took it in and traded it for a men’s. The only unfortunate aspect is that it no longer sports notNeutral’s specific-therefore-very-limited-edition decals as they had designed for each of the bikes.

Cousins, who is a Regional Integrated Building Solutions (Lean, BIM-VDC) manager for Turner Construction, has the luxury of living within walking distance of his office. So the bike comes in handy as another sustainable way to commute.

“I have a fancy road bike for long rides, so this very stylish bike is my daily rider and my errands bike,” he said.

It has yet to be determined who won the other bike raffle, but the AIACC would love to know who. If you’re out there, contact us so we can get your story please and thank you.



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