Governor Vetoes Historic Preservation Tax Credit Legislation

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The legislation jointly sponsored by the California Preservation Foundation (CPF) and the AIA California Council to create a California tax credit for work performed on historic structures has been vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.

AB 1999 had passed the State Senate and State Assembly without any “No” votes, so this veto was not expected.

While this is bad news, there is some good news that comes from the Governor’s veto message.

In his veto message the governor writes that he “wholeheartedly support[s]” the goals of the bill, but believes the cost of the bill “should be weighed against other important priorities in the upcoming budget.”

We believe the governor is saying that some type of tax credit for work performed on historic structures can be enacted next year, perhaps a smaller and more targeted credit than what was proposed in AB 1999.

Many Californians, including architects, understood the importance of this bill and sent letters to the governor urging his signature of AB 1999. Here is the letter the CPF and AIACC sent to the governor.

The AIACC will join CPF and the author of AB 1999, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), in working with the Governor’s Office in the coming months to develop a proposal that, hopefully, the governor can support next year.


Mark Christian, Hon. AIACC

Mark Christian, Hon. AIACC, is the Director of Legislative Affairs for the AIA California Council, a position he has held since 1999. In this position, Mark is responsible for monitoring the CA State Legislature, identifying bills of interest to the profession, developing and implementing strategies for the positive outcome of legislation of interest to the profession, and representing the profession before the legislature. Prior to joining the AIACC, Mark worked for the State Assembly for nine years in several capacities, including as a policy consultant on several significant environmental laws. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the California State University, Sacramento.

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    Mark Christian, Hon. AIACC

    Hi Douglas,

    The chance of the Legislature overriding the Governor’s veto is very, very slim. This is not because of the policy of AB 1999, but because of the majority party of a Legislature does not override the veto of a Governor from the same party unless the working relationship between the Legislature and Governor has completely failed. That is not the case with this Governor and Legislature. Thus, the focus will be on crafting a tax credit proposal that the Governor can get behind and sign into law.

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    How about urging the legislature to override the veto? It shouldn’t be hard to do since there was unanimous support.

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