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DSA Academy Accessibility and Certified Access Specialist Classes

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) develops building standards related to access compliance, and administers the Certified Access Specialist (CASp) examination and program.

DSA is mandated to provide training specific to access compliance; these one-day classes are offered through the DSA Academy.

If you are interested in developing your knowledge and skills related to access compliance and the CASp program in order to:

  • Meet the requirements for continuing education to renew your license.
  • Improve the quality of construction documents to limit liability for you and your client.
  • Become a Certified Access Specialist to add to the services you can provide.
  • Understand your responsibilities when providing CASp services.
  • Increase your knowledge of the various codes and standards regulating accessibility.

Then DSA Academy Accessibility and CASp classes are for you!

DSA Academy Class Catalog is available online with the various course descriptions. The locations and dates are posted on the 2016 Calendar of Classes.

Individuals can register for any of the classes offered by DSA. When you register for all four days of the accessibility classes the fourth day is free. The CASp 101 classes are not included in this offer.

The repeat of a paid course within a three year period is eligible for additional CEU credit if updates to standards or regulations have occurred between class offerings or if a CASp attends each offering of the class in-person because interaction with the instructor and attendees offers a different class experience.

For American Institute of Architects chapters, consider hosting an academy class for your members.

For more information, or to discuss hosting classes for your members contact:

Accessibility Classes                                  Certified Access Specialist Classes

Susan R. Moe                                              Ida Clair

Senior Architect, CASp                               Senior Architect, CASp

(916)-323-1687                                             (916)322-2490                   


DSA Academy Accessibility and Certified Access Specialist Class Course Descriptions

CASp 101: Certification and Practice

This class highlights significant changes to the DSA Certified Access Specialist (CASp) Program, with information relevant to the CASp, candidates interested in seeking certification, or individuals who want to find out more about the CASp program. Classes have been updated to include an explanation of new statutory and regulatory requirements.

Accessibility Classes

Plan Review – Access

This course equips participants with essential concepts, reference materials and job aides for conducting timely, consistent and accurate plan review for access compliance. The course is oriented to Chapter 11B of the 2013 California Building Code.

Access Compliance – 2013 and 2016 California Building Code

This course highlights access provisions in Chapter 11B of the 2013 California Building Code including the Intervening Code Adoption Cycle Supplement and the 2016 California Building Code approved by the Building Standards Commission in January 2016.

Transient Lodging, Housing at a Place of Education and Social Service Center Establishments

This course provides the participant an overview of Federal and State regulations with the main emphasis on Chapter 11B of the 2013 California Building Code for accessible transient lodging, housing at a place of education and social service establishments both public and private.

Accessible Public Housing Regulations, Standards and Guidelines

This course provides the participant an overview of Federal and State regulations with the main emphasis on Chapter 11B of the 2013 California Building Code for accessible public housing.



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