Paul W. Welch, Jr. Retiring After 37 Years

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Paul W. Welch, Jr.

Paul W. Welch, Jr. is retiring after nearly four decades of serving the architectural profession as executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects, California Council.

In early 2018, the AIACC will bid farewell to its leader, but not without fond memories and respect for his many accomplishments on behalf of California architects and the architectural profession. Whether through his determination to protect and strengthen building codes and laws, support the path to licensure, or mentor those within the profession, he has been a stalwart advocate for those who inhabit the world of design.

Paul’s career trajectory has been focused on preserving the value of design and protecting the architect to the benefit of society. Before beginning his tenure with the AIACC in 1981, he served as executive officer for the California Board of Architectural Examiners, now known as the California Architects Board. Paul said, “I am extraordinarily grateful for all of the wonderful years I spent with the AIACC. I possess many cherished memories of times shared with AIA members who care so much about the value of design and how it enhances the human experience. The transition will be difficult, but I know it’s the appropriate path for me, my family, and for the organization I have served for nearly 40 years.”

Paul’s achievements are too numerous to review in their entirety, and his contributions do not simply reside within the borders of California. For nearly a year, he stepped in to serve as interim leader of National AIA. As he does in California, Paul served as an exemplary leader of the Institute, addressing the AIA’s legal and fiduciary responsibilities, facilitating its transition, and advancing the AIA’s strategic goals and vision.

The lives Paul has touched are many and his contributions seemingly countless, but throughout the year the AIACC will do its best to highlight and preserve the legacy he has created.

A task force has been appointed to work throughout the year, ensuring a smooth transition to the next EVP. The committee anticipates the final selection nearing the end of 2017.



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