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[Originally published 1st quarter 2007 in arcCA 07.1, “Patronage.”]


Synonyms for ‘Patron’
angel, backer, benefactor, benefactress, booster, champion, defender, encourager, fairy godmother, fan, financer, friend, front, grubstaker, guarantor, guardian, guide, head, helper, lady bountiful, leader, live one, mark, money, partisan, patron saint, philanthropist, pigeon, protector, sponsor, sugar daddy, supporter, surety, sympathizer, well-wisher. (Note: ‘client’ is not listed.)

Number of AIA Members in California Whose Name is One of These Synonyms
(1) Herbert W. Angel AIA, Desert Hot Springs

Rank of California Foundations in the Nation’s Top 15 (by Asset Size)
J. Paul Getty Trust
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
The California Endowment

Top States in Terms of Annual Charitable Giving by Individuals
California: 16.5 billion
New York: 11.5 billion
Florida: 6.5 billion

Most Generous California Cities (as a % of discretionary income)
San Francisco: 9.3%
Long Beach: 8.4%
Oakland: 8.1%
San Jose: 7.8%
Sacramento: 7.6%
Fresno: 6.9%
Los Angeles: 6.9%
San Diego: 6.9%

Causes and the Private Support they Garnered (2005)
Education: 15.6 billion
Social Services: 15.5 billion
International: 9.8 billion
Health: 6.8 billion
Religious: 2.5 billion
Community: 2.1 billion
Arts & Culture: 1.4 billion
Environment: 1.4 billion

Online Patronage
The Red Cross says that in the 2006 fiscal year it raised $496 million in disaster relief gifts online. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina it clocked 1,000 gifts per minute.

Patron with most named Campus Buildings in California: S. H. Cowell
Santa Clara
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Santa Cruz

Number of new structures commissioned through the GSA’s Design Excellence initiative since 1994
Over 400. There are currently 164 additional projects underway equal to 50 million square feet at a cost of $11 billion.

Number of Architects Elevated to Fellowship in Object 4 (corporate architects, campus architects, architects in public service or industry) in 2006
9 out of 82 new Fellows.



David Meckel, FAIA

David Meckel, FAIA, is Director of Research & Planning for the California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco.

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