Exterior Elevated Elements – Emergency Regulations in effect for Title 24

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The emergency regulations for Exterior Elevated Elements (balconies, decks, stairs, landings, walkways, etc.) in the 2016 editions of the California Building Code and California Existing Building Code remain in effect and will become permanent in the codes, once the certifying rulemaking process is complete and the Building Standards Commission makes its final action, tentatively planned for December 12, 2017. The emergency regulations were developed as a response to the June 16, 2015 balcony failure that occurred at the Library Gardens Apartments in Berkeley. The amendments are reflected in Cal. Code Regs., Tit. 24, Parts 2 and 10, and affect projects under the Division of State Architect’s authority, as well as those of the Building Standards Commission and of the Department of Housing & Community Development.  Local building Departments can adopt the measures into their own regulations.  The emergency regulations require inspections involving moisture membrane assemblies during construction, an increase in live load capacity, sloping of membranes for drainage and reduced moisture retention, enclosed ventilation of framing systems, and additional information to be included in construction documents. The state agencies considered comments that were submitted during the open comment period of the rulemaking, and have responded to them, all of which were presented at the December 12, 2017 commission meeting. The commission unanimously approved to make the emergency provisions permanent.

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