2018: January, from the President’s Desk

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Hello and welcome to 2018 everyone! I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to follow a long line of unparalleled leadership for the architecture profession, as your 2018 AIA California Council president. This year we have many challenges and opportunities facing us as a profession, and a nation. I truly believe that by working together in a focused, hands-on way, at a grassroots, ground-up level, that we, in California, will continue to lead with real progress for the importance of design in building a better world, throughout our state, and beyond.


2017 was an unprecedented year of community-scale disasters, with unimaginable wildfires, floods, and now mudslides as we enter 2018.  Architects and the AIA have stepped up to provide disaster assistance throughout the state; to provide important educational materials to homeowners; and to provide certified training. Read more about these efforts in recent AIACC online posts here.

Under the leadership of 2017 AIACC president, Jana Itzen, AIA, 2017 also proved to be a year of many successes for the AIACC and its members.  We saw the most highly-attended Monterey Design Conference in its 42-year history; had success in the legislature with the SB 496 limitation of some architects’ indemnification obligations; held a dynamic, future-thinking hackathon with the Board of Directors; held successful Healthcare Facilities Forum, AEP Roadshows, Firm Roundtables and Design Award programs; and completed the national search and hiring process for a new Executive Vice President. To name just a few.

Last year the AIACC Board also worked very hard to update the Strategic Plan and Operating plan, ensuring alignment between our strategic goals to Share Knowledge, Advocate and Collaborate, and Advance the Future, and our 2018 programs and budget.

This strategic planning effort also identified several key issues facing architects in California today, which I have distilled into a “2018 Top Ten” list, in (mostly) alphabetical order. These slides highlight these top ten issues, and overview how the AIACC is, and will be, taking action to address them:

     Electing More Citizen Architects

     Firm Equity and Diversity

     Leading Solutions to the Housing Crisis

     Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy and Influence

     More K-12 Interaction

     Net-Zero Energy Leadership

     Prosperity in Practice

     Resilient Design and Disaster Assistance

     Empower Future Architects

     Communicate and Collaborate (within and outside the AIA)

It is said that as the AIA in California goes, so goes the nation. By working together across our nearly 11,000 members; 22 chapters; 59 board members; and 14 staff members, I will be providing monthly blog updates throughout the year. Success relies on each of us actively contributing to efforts we believe in. I look forward to all that we can accomplish, together!


Britt Lindberg, AIA, LEED AP

Twitter: @britt_aia

Instagram: @britt_aia



The AIACC represents the interests of more than 11,000 architects and allied professionals in California. Founded in 1944, The AIACC's mission supports architects in their endeavors to improve the quality of life for all Californians by creating more livable communities, sustainable designs and quality work environments. Today, The AIACC is the largest component of the National AIA organization.

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