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The AIACC attended a conference on the current California housing crisis Thursday, February 8, hosted by Capitol Weekly, a government and political coverage publication. The sold-out, day-long policy conference was attended by 125 policy makers, capitol staff, nonprofit and public sector organizations and even a community member. The program and speaker line-up was dynamic, engaging, and gave multi-dimensional insights and views on the statewide issue. Keynote speaker, Senator Jim Beall, discussed his $4 billion housing bond that he authored for the November ballot. If approved, this bond would generate billions of dollars in more revenue that aims to ease the housing predicament. Assemblyman David Chiu also spoke about the scope of the problem during one four panel discussions.

Architect, John Lum, AIA from the AIA San Francisco and AIA San Mateo was accepted to speak on a panel that followed discussions on the economics and origins of the crisis, analysis of the problem, possible solutions to the crisis. Lum gave his professional thoughts on what happens next and where do we go from here to facilitate more home building.

Overarching views included reform at the state level to break through the political “log-jam” and more transparency and accountability, the consequences of supply and demand, incentives and disincentives for builders and investors, streamlined policy processed at the state and local level, infrastructure enhancements, and a collective vision that this is not just a housing crisis but an emergency.

Please stay tuned for a more in-depth article regarding the architect experience in the near future.


Melissa Barton

Melissa Barton is the Government Affairs Program Coordinator for the AIA California Council. She worked for the AIACC previously as a program coordinator for the California Architectural Foundation. After leaving the Council she worked for the Local Government Commission, coordinating events and programs. That experience coupled with her time working with local prominent lobbyist groups, serves her role well when on monitoring regulatory agencies for issues impacting the architectural profession.

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