arcCA 05.2 – Other Business


Editor’s Comment
Tim Culvahouse, FAIA
Letter to a Friend
Annie Ja Yeun Lee
A Non-Traditional Practice
Bob Hale, AIA

Optional Profiles
Paul Adamson: Conserving Modernism
On Air With Frances Anderton, John Chase, Assoc. AIA
John Cary In the Public Interest
On Campus with Marc Fisher, John Chase, Assoc. AIA
John Loomis: Monuments and Lasers
Evan Markiewicz: Rebuilding Nicaragua
In the Gallery with Liz Martin, Nina Lewallen
Amy Noble: Researching Home, John Melcher, AIA
In the Classroom with Alison Quoyeser
Stephanie Reich: Designing Santa Monica, John Chase, Assoc. AIA
On Set with Glenda Rovello, Kenneth Caldwell
Growing Up with Beth Rubenstein
Margo Warnecke-Merck: Special Needs
Deborah Weintraub: Engineering Los Angeles

Representatively Unique 
Kurt Lavenson, AIA
Continuation: Some Contract Language 
Ava Abramowitz, Esq., Hon. AIA
Under the Radar 
The Dwight Way, Berkeley
Coda: Eichler’s Edgewood Shopping Center
Paul Adamson, AIA


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