The AIACC and CALC PAC are sponsoring research to support architectural issues while proactively setting the course for the future…and we need YOU!

With the generosity and commitment of leaders like you and your firm, we are looking forward to raising the bar both in terms of our commitment to research and developing position papers to support our public policy as well as increasing the level of financial support that we are able to extend to legislators who are supportive to our issues. Levels of Giving For CALC PAC to be effective, we need the participation of EVERY MEMBER, EVERY YEAR – click here to contribute today!

The Purpose of the AIACC’s Political Action Committees

The purpose of CALC PAC is to solicit, receive and distribute political contributions to help support governmental officials who share the common goals and interests of the architectural profession.

Who Governs the AIACC’s CALCPAC?

CALC PAC is governed by the Capitol Forum Board. Members of this Board are appointed by the President of the AIACC and is overseen by the AIACC staff in accordance with California State law. The Forum Board is comprised of the following representatives:

  • Capitol Forum Chair
  • Four members of the Capitol Forum
  • One member from the CALC PAC Fundraising Chairs
  • AIACC President
  • AIACC 1st Vice President/President-elect
  • AIACC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs
  • AIACC Vice President of Legislative Affairs
  • AIACC Executive Vice President

Why Contribute to CALC PAC?

Consider it an investment in your bottom line. Whether it is a professional services tax on architectural services, a stock school plans proposal, or the legislative review of the Architect’s Practice Act, the California Legislature addresses issues that can cost you plenty. By contributing to CALC PAC, you help elect candidates that understand your business, and know and support the positions of the architectural profession.

Architecture is among the most highly regulated – and most complex-professions of any field. By sending in your contribution to CALC PAC, you raise the level of participation in the political process for all architects, and help elect a body of legislators that are knowledgeable and supportive of your political agenda and, most importantly, understand the complexities of your profession. Please join CALC PAC today by completing the form below. Click here to download contribution form.