Capitol Forum

What is The Capitol Forum?

An Investment in the Architectural Profession

There are varying levels of participation in the AIACC’s advocacy program.  Some AIA members feel their dues investment is enough, others, such as you, are taking a proactive position in support of the Council’s advocacy effort. Your significant and sustained financial commitment to the Capitol Forum is enabling the AIACC to dramatically change its advocacy program. These resources will be used to will take a leading role in defining practice related issues and build a proactive legislative and regulatory agenda. We look forward to working with you as we begin to take action on issues that affect your practice and prosperity.

What are the Goals of the Capitol Forum?

  1. To advance a proactive, sustained, influential presence throughout Sacramento instead of reactively “throwing money” at issues that threaten our profession.
  2. To support state officials and candidates who understand the importance of our profession and its impact on business and the state’s economy.
  3. To conduct research, in-depth studies and analysis of issues that affect you, your practice and clients on a daily basis.

What has the Capitol Forum done?

How Does the Capitol Forum Work?

By joining the Capitol Forum, you have the opportunity to work with your colleagues in establishing your profession’s legislative and regulatory agendas in Sacramento. Your support will also help fund new strategic partnerships with collateral organizations, as we conduct in-depth studies and analysis of issues that affect you, your practice and clients on a daily basis.

Who are the Members of the Capitol Forum?

Practice Area – K-12

Adrian Gaus Architects
Herta Gaus, AIA

BFGC Architects
David Cartnal, FAIA

Dougherty + Dougherty
Brian Dougherty, FAIA

Flewelling & Moody
Scott Gaudineer, AIA

Harley Ellis Devereaux
John Dale, FAIA

HMC Architects San Jose
Lee Salin, AIA

Stafford, King, Wiese
Brian Wiese, AIA

WLC Architects
Mark Graham, AIA

Chet Widom, FAIA

Practice Area – Healthcare

Anshen + Allen
Zigmund Rubel, AIA

Aspen Street Architects
David Hitchcock, AIA

HMC Architects Ontario
Bob Kain, AIA

Practice Area – Housing/Multi-Family

Heller Manus
Clark Manus, FAIA

SB Architects

John Eller, AIA

Steinberg Architects
Rob Steinberg, FAIA

Danielian Associates
Art Danielian, FAIA

DMJM H+N Architects
Michael Mann, FAIA R&D/Office

Practice Area – University / Higher Ed

Chuck Davis, FAIA

Practice AreaRetail/Mixed Use

Gensler / SF
Dan Winey, AIA

Practice Area – Govt. / Public Sector

Ed McCrary, FAIA

Tucker Sadler
Art Castro

Practice Area – Hospitality

Hornberger + Worstell
Mark Hornberger, FAIA