From the President’s Desk

More Than You Expected?

Architects: Truth AND Dare

A Special Position

Some might say architecture is a rather curious profession.  We are very highly esteemed by the public.  According to the Harris Poll (1), 72% of the public rated architecture a prestigious occupation – …

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AIA DEEP dive … Texas Style

mfm-at-large-statesIs AIA complex?  Yup … and then some.

Our Institute is multilevel organization – starting with a members’ “home base” – i.e., their local component, we have states or regions, and National as additional levels.  Diving in even deeper, …

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Size that Matters

Gensler meeting Malinowski

It was an auspicious confluence of AIACC presidential duty and privilege when I had the honor of presenting Art Gensler, FAIA with the AIACC Lifetime Achievement Award Jun. 16. It struck me that there were some interesting scale issues at …

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Faster Permits—by Design

Permit Streamlining:  The phrase resonates with many:  architects, engineers, business leaders, developers, contractors, politicians, and civic leaders.  With the right kind of streamlining, the benefits can be wide and deep:

  • Civic Leaders achieve increased economic activity and community investment

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My Work is In the Toilet

Architects are well seasoned when it comes to the Yin Yang of shaping change.  While we’re used to reminding nervous clients about the positives of fresh patterns and the opportunities for fresh perspectives, when change occurs right under our noses, …

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