Handbook on Project Delivery

The Handbook is a comprehensive guide for architects, their clients and contractors, assisting in important building related decision making.

The dynamic nature of project delivery has changed our collective view. The future for the design and construction community is rapidly evolving from traditional design/bid/build delivery systems to an integrated, collaborative environment that requires architects, contractors, owners and all stakeholders in the enterprise take on new roles and competencies.  To keep abreast of these changes, the design and construction industry requires information and resources.

Owners are motivated by the fundamental principles of quality, cost and schedule, while minimizing their risk.   Now, owners seem to be seeking the additional principle of avoiding conflicts. Do the alternative methods work, or are conflicts still there?   The projects studied in the Update and the opinions of participants and leaders interviewed provide good insights to help answer those questions.   The lessons learned indicate the newer methods are promising.  Many owners are steadfast in their commitment to one method or another; others are not that convinced.   Yet all agree that the ability to avoid conflicts rests in the ability to put together a collaborative and motivated design and construction team.   As the newer methods mature, the distinction between them is blurred, and the old “master builder” approach starts to take new shape.

The Update provides case studies to help accelerate the learning curve and allow you to learn from the lessons of others.  We have chosen a representative sample of projects from the three primary avenues of project delivery.  Every project is different, with a twist here or there that may help you in your next project.  Your next project may well add to the library of change.  click here to download order form.