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arcCA– The journal of the AIACC, is dedicated to exploring ideas, issues, and projects relevant to the practice of architecture in California. Content for the journal is solicited from leaders in the design and construction industry.
Relevance – Distributed bi-weekly to more than 11,000 members and firms, published the second week of each month. The newsletter provides all members with information about AIACC programs, including those issues important to the profession. To view recent issues of Relevance click here.
Update: The Handbook on Project Delivery – A comprehensive guide for architects, their clients and contractors, assisting in important building related decision making. Click here to order.
Disaster Preparedness Handbook – [nonmember]One of the architectural profession’s greatest contributions to public health and safety is also the one most rarely in demand – skilled and expert response assistance after a disaster. This handbook provides specific information about preparing for a natural disaster to AIA chapters, businesses and the public. Click here to download a copy.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Published Documents

IPD Case Studies IPD Delivery Guide IPD Experiences in Collaboration
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Practice Tools and Resources sponsored by the Capitol Forum

Accessibility Codes and The California Architect California Environmental Quality Act Green Movement in the Building Industry
Insurance for Residential Multi-family Condo Projects Home Warranty Insurance: Best Practices, Risks and Recommendations The Complex and Multi-Faceted Nature of School Construction Costs: Factors Affecting California
Phase Plan Review